Validator Technical Information

Professional Leisure services have come together with Japan Cash Machine (one of the world leaders in validator technology) to produce a kit that will allow you to replace your old Ardac S2000, S2000 Eagle and WACs validators in the S3004 change machine. Fitting this new unit will greatly improve not only the acceptance of notes but also security.


UBA validator, 2 x interface boards, mounting plate, Inner-door, Wiring looms, fixings and installation manual. Each kit carries a 12 month manufactures warrenty. 


The kit has been designed to be easy to install. Their is no soldering, replacing of software or adjustment of the change machines setting required. This is all possable because our kit has been desigened to mimic the old Ardac validator. The control and power looms that previously went to the Ardac validator now plug directly into our interface board.

UBA Validator

The UBA comes programmed to accept all English and Scottish notes in all four directions, but can be programmmed for any currency you.


The UBA provides the highest acceptance rate relative to other validators in the industry. Automatic retry of notes maximizes the speed of note acceptance in the event of a reject. The unique auto centering mechanism makes note insertion easy for the user and ensures the note is always in the perfect Position for validation.


The UBA acceptor provides fast validation speed. The notes are stacked in approximately 4 seconds.


Multi-frequency validation technology using IR, Red Green and UV LED's combined with a magnetic sensor, provides maximum security for all notes. 



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